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Web Design

Web Design

131Digital offers an incredible web presence at a reasonable cost. Our websites are engaging, creative and functional. Whether it’s a full-scale e-commerce site, or simply a gallery of your work, you can depend on our professionals to build it.

Your website is the liaison between new customers and your business. Your website has to communicate your strengths. We’ll show pictures of your work and use testimonials of your happy customers to ensure new visitors are comfortable buying your products or services. How well your website converts visitors into customers is key to the success of your business and it’s 131Digital’s goal to achieve that for every client. We highly recommend utilizing our SEO services to build your sites presence on search engines to increase your sites traffic. These services will bring users who are looking for your service or product to your newly customized site which is built with a focus on user experience and increasing conversion rates. Your customers will have a comfortable and inviting experience which in return will promote your company’s growth.

The internet is now more mobile than ever before and new devices are appearing at an increasing rate. Research shows that 60% of American adults have smart phones. A user friendly website that can function on any device is so important for these reasons but also it has become more pertinent with googles new responsive guidelines that rolled out in April 2015. All of our site designs are responsive which means they function beautifully on desktop computers, tablets, and mobile devices. We also ensure all responsive designs are within the new 2015 guidelines making your site optimal on all avenues.

131Digital’s website prices vary based on complexity of design, copy requirements and technical functionality. Contact us for more pricing information. We also offer hosting and domain services as well.

Web Design

Custom Database Creations

Why use a custom database?

131 can simplify and organize you business and all of it’s functions. Each Database is written, not only for your industry, but for your individual business and it’s needs specifically. We can customize user functions for various levels of security and job levels. We also provide integrations with many different third party companies as well. This provides you with one central place to login for all your companies needs and applications. Some of the many modules within our custom database’s that we have built; record reservations, send automatic emails, automatically stamp entries with dynamtic calendar functions, have areas of extra security for legal document uploads and sensative information, integrate with merchant accounts and accounting systems like QuickBooks. These, along with many more functions, are available with one our custom database’s.

Our System

We create all database system’s on a development (dev) site. This allows for zero interruption of current systems, if any, and also allows for full testing and review prior to the system “going live”. We also believe in the development of our database system’s using a modular development system. Each module (or section) of the database will be written and reviewed separately and then added to the database as a whole. This allows for us to meet with you to review each section fully prior to moving to the next module.

In the end this system allows us to create the exact functions within your customized database that you need, eliminating any frustrations during the process and allowing for an amazing finished product that is fully customized to your business. This also allows for easy additional add on’s and changes in the future as your companies needs change. We will also have a dedicated project manager and programmer just for your development.

We believe in making sure that your database is not only completed within the discussed time frame but also that it is completed correctly. Please contact our experts today for a free consultation to determine pricing. Since all of our systems are fully customized we do not offer standard pricing for the system or its hosting but we would be able to provide full pricing and programming information after our inital consultation.

Digital Marketing 131 Digital

Brand Development

Brand Development - 131 Digital

Before you can develop your brand identity, you will have to understand what the core values of your business are, what your business mission is and how you differ from the competition. You must also be sure that what you want to tell your customers about your business, matches what your target audience desires and what you actually deliver.

Brand identity is important marketing component if you are in a highly competitive or fast moving market where it is difficult to differentiate yourself on product/service features alone. The power of a strong brand is such that it can lift a business or product above the competition and become something unforgettable. If you sell a range of products, you’ll need to ensure that they all fit together within a brand strategy that makes sense. While you can stretch your brand to take advantage of new opportunities, your brand will be damaged if you fail to maintain a consistent focus on your core values. If you’re a luxury goods firm and you decide to produce a cheaper product line, it would make sense to develop a separate brand identity so you don’t lose your established customers.

Image is very important and a good brand design gives you a consistent appearance that will enable people to recognize you immediately. Communicating your brand clearly and honestly to your customers will spread confidence and goodwill. 131Digital can develop your unique brand identity by creating a logo, slogan and design scheme that will set you apart from competitors, giving your organization a lasting competitive edge.

Printing & Signs

Acquiring new customers and retaining existing ones is important for every business. In a world full of competition, a great marketing product can give you a lasting competitive advantage. 


No matter what your printing needs, our design and printing team can create and produce dynamic advertising products for all occasions. Our services range from business cards, brochures, fliers, booklets, banners of all sizes, political and business promotional products and much more! We use a wide format eco solvent printer and ink to deliver you fast, professional, eco friendly and cost effective print solutions. 


Let the face of your business stand out! Signage is so important in providing a clear and inviting message to your customers. Weather it is business front, store front, directions, or informational we offer various sign options to make your business stand out. We also specialize in Real Estate sign services from for sale signs, open house directives and other industry driven signage. Our design team will work with your business to create your own personalized statement.


A fun and unique way to make your office stand out! WrapYa is a custom desk wrapping service we provide that can create any desired look and feel in your office. Imagine your desk personalized with your logo, favorite sports team, or industry driven picture! You can even make that old tired desk look modern and sophisticate with a woodgrain, marble or other designs customized by our design team.

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